A downloadable Oddventure for Windows

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date in 312 days
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withGodot
TagsComedy, Cult Classic, Fantasy, Meaningful Choices, Pixel Art, Retro, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Twitter, YouTube


Oddventure DEMO ver 1.0.5.zip 87 MB

Development log


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Again, such an amazing game. I genuinely want to thank you for making this game. It's so unique and I really enjoy how I'm already getting a sense of character development from it all, also I LOVE that you put Slippy in this game (idk if that was a PewDiePie reference or not) but I LOVE SLIPPY

Yeah, he's THE SLIPPY. :D

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AHHHHHH<3 That's so awesome :) I'm sure Pewds would really appreciate that

He have heard about it ;)


This game is seriously so so so so so so much fun, one of the most original turn based RPG's I've played ever! I really like the characters and the enviroment! I CAN'T wait for the finished product <3 keep up the amazing work, here's the video in which I started playing this awesome game!

Thanks. Comments like this one mean world to us! :D

No need to thank me! Thank you for making such an entertaining game! :)


Hillow, i just played the game (for 2h) and it was sooo great ! I found it by chance when i was looking for example of story-rich games to see if i'd put my game in this category and well, and i was like :

"lore rich turned base crazy rpg" ...mmh interesting
"fight your inner demons and reach for the spark of hope" I TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK !
That's exactly the type of story/game i love/play/make/write ! I found some commonalities with my own game and that's amazing to see more and more games with psychology elements / real-life issues (and more good games made with godot ) !
And i also loved the references (not sure i found all of 'em but at least the Undertale and Mother ones).

The story is good so far, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay mecanics match the narrative elements and themes (the mood, very well developed). I look forward to see the whole game (maybe in french ? ;) )

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I love games like this and this one is my favorite so far! Take your time with developing the game, this type of stuff is not easy to develop!


Loved playing it, everything was great even the perverts hope to play more soon.


Thanks for playing! I watched both of your vidoes :D If you liked the game you can help by giving us a rate!


I only played the first few minutes, up until the tea party, but this is SUCH a charming game, so much personality. The "audience" response is such a great touch

Thanks! Hope you will like the rest of it. The demo is about 1h15min up to 2h long (if you decide to check every corner and interact with everything) ^^

Last video

Had to make another video


This demo is so GOOD! the moral system is so much fun to play with. Looking forward to farming dwarf berries when the full game comes out. Thank you Infamous Rabbit and crew!

Thanks. I hope you won't be dissapointed with future CONSUMABLES! :D

I exited to see what you folks come up with


Why don't you get inspired by a real shin maygoomie tensay game, like Nocturne or Strange Journey? Persona, and Undertale, are casualized dating sims that panders to lonely waifufags like yourself. 

You aren't even dungeon crawling mate, just try not to feel too bad.

This game is really great! I love the Mother and Undertale references. The battle system is also pretty unique. Can't wait to see the finished product. 


such a lovely game! i loved the subtle references to undertale and mother XD. the artwork is so pleasant, and the battle mechanics are really interesting. i think it would benefit from having more save slots, and there were a few small spelling errors, but overall i'm excited to see the fully fleshed-out game!

I'm glad you liked it! Do you remember some of them by any chance? Like scenes where you have noticed them. It would help a lot! :D

there's at least 3 typos in the promo images
you somehow managed to misspell "release" on the .exe itself


Made another video


"EVENTUALLY" XD love your comments

Any chance this can be ported to Android?

Seems like a neat game. It looks like Earthbound and Undertale, and those be low-key L I T . =D

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This was super fun to play! The world, music, and gameplay were all fantastic. Having your combat effectiveness change depending on your mood is a neat mechanic I haven't seen before, and I'm happy that there's puzzles mixed into the game as well. Major props to the developers! Can't wait for the full release (so my curse word spewing Charlie can cause terror throughout the world)!


Thanks :D I just watched the whole video! I'm glad you liked my odd sense of humor. :D


This game was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it. Great work!


Thanks. It's nice to hear that you loved it :) You can always help us by giving us a rate! It will mean a lot :)

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Will do! oh yeah something you might need to know. sometimes when leaving the 7 manly gnomes house's area (going back towards Jack Grimms house) the game would randomly close, it happened twice, once before the wolf boss and another time right after, it happened while transitioning between screens though I cant remember which one sorry. All I remember was it was one of the screens in between the manly gnomes house and Jacks house.


Thanks! It seems that few people had this issue. And we're currently checking this out!

Made a video


Omg that was hillarious XD Gravity Falls ans Over the Garden Wall inspirations confirmed!

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This game is incredible! I LOVE the references to games like Undertale and Mother! The art style is also very aesthetic and is very pleasant to look at!

The story is VERY engaging and I would love to see what the finished product of this game will look like!

I'm making a video on this game as I speak, I will make sure to post it here!

Thanks man, that means a lot to me! I'll watch the video as soon as you'll upload it :D


The video is here! I didn't go through the ENTIRE demo I don't think, but I got some reactions and moments together that I thought were quite funny. 

Good one :D It made me laugh few times. ^^ Also: Oh no. you eneded video just few minutes before the ending... xD


Really interesting game, It was my first upload!

Awesome video. It was fun to watch your reactions to my jokes which were like mix of wtf and giggling :D

This was amazing! I got the demo, and I'll definitely get it when it comes out!


This looks amazing! It's a game I have to spread word of!

I'm happy to hear that. Thanks :D


Looks great, Linux support coming?


I'll be talking to my programmer about that :) I really hope it will!


Awesome, when you've confirmed it, hit me up here: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/

Count me in for a purchase if you can make it happen !


I love it completly works with my Swithc Controller


I'm glad that SWITCH controller works. Unfortunately we don't have one ^^


Looks like we finally got Mother 4!


Haha, almost! We're more like Netflix Spinoff :D Mother 4 has changed its name to Oddity lately! Whant an ODD coincidence ^^


Too bad mother 4 won’t be out until hell freezes over, but this game looks great!

Haha, thanks. Let's hope it will freeze sooner than later!


Dunno if it's my controller being weird ( XB1 ) but it works everywhere except in the battle menu. I have to manually click and use spacebar there :/

Hi! Have you downloaded the latest version of the game? We were improving the controls lately! Also there's an error with Accept button, we added the graphic just before the release and we have to change it to "A" ^^' Sorry! I'm using the 360 pad and everything works properly!


Yeah, I was playing on the latest version ( 1.0.2 )

Thanks for reporting that. I'll tel my programmer!


I'm really looking forward to this game! It feels like the kind of game I won't stop talking about.

Hearing stuff like that makes me super motivated. Thanks :D I will do my best!


Loved the game! The story hooks you right off the bat. Combat was quick and fun but also had me planing my moves very carefully and the music had me enthralled in the fantasy world. Keep up the great work!

I'm really happy to hear that. I've put all my heart and soul into it :D

Amazing game! Enjoyed every second of its gameplay and can't wait to support it on its journey to a full game!

Thanks ^_^ You made a great video about Oddventure! I loved it! Now I need to make the full game, so I can see another ones :D


This game is great. I'd love to stay better words, but I don't know any better.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked. Thank you for all your support :D


I love the Mother / EarthBound styled graphics. In one word, amazing.

Thanks! Yeah, I loved the series. They were a great inspiration :)


Hi, I want to join the Discord server, but the link no longer works. Is it possible to solve this problem please ? ^^'

Thanks for noticing! Fixed! I don't know why it stopped working. I must've set it working for up too 100 people by accident ^^


It's awesome and I love the art! Though I've consistantly ran into a bug where entering a room will forcequit the game? It's happened a couple times now, one right before a save point

Thanks! Also thanks for your feedback. It seems that most of the people didn't have any crash issues. Can you give the examples of actions did you take before the crash happened? It will help us a lot! Thanks!

Sure thing, it happened once before saving in Jack Grimm's closet, reloading my save seemed to fix it but then I got a crash after trying to go back into the manly dwarf's house after having left, and another after reloading and tryig to go down back into the forest. I dont think I did anything too crazy though, and the game was running great without any lag

We will check all those possibilities of game crashing! Thanks for helping us out! ^^


Amazing Art Works

Amazing Characters Design

Amazing Story

Amazing Music

Amazing Games

Woah, thanks, I'm blushing! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for making a video about our demo! It's so nice to see you liked enough to make one ^^


Music and style is so good! I cant wait for the full release

I'm glad you like them! Next step: Kickstarter and we're going for a full game! ^


This is awesome!

Thanks hope you liked it and will follow our project for the later full release! :D


OHHH you are using Godot! You have just jumped 1000% in my eyes!



Checking it out now!

Hope you'll enjoy it! Give us some feedback later :D


It's starting to look amazing, I'll definitely get wheni it comes out


I'm really happy to hear that. Check us from time to time for updates ^^


Awesome work ! Very professional :) Are you working alone ?


Thanks! There are 3 people working on the game itself. And we have a composer :)